The favorite pets of French people

Favorite pets of french

A simple stroll through the streets of Paris will present you with the chance to meet hundreds even thousands of pet owners. French people love having pets, and if you get to live in France for a while, you will end up caring for a pet as well. Very soon, you will schedule walks to the park with other friends and escorts who keep pets in their homes. Here are some of the favorite pets of French people that you can get too!


The no.1 favorite pet of everyone living in France is the dog. This pet is available in so many breeds and comes in numerous variations in size and color, which suits the picky French pet keepers just fine. All across the country people breed and care for dogs as if they were a fundamental part of their families.

If you want to impress an escort Paris on a date, you should ask her about her dog. If she does not have one now, she surely had one when she was growing up. Also, this opportunity would be an excellent chance for you to reignite her desire for keeping a new dog.


If you are dating a French girl that does not enjoy walks to the dog park, she surely must have a different pet at home. There is a good chance that her house is home to one or several cats. Felines go perfectly with the French laissez-faire lifestyle, and many Parisians keep several cats as companions throughout their lives.

French people have an infinite love for pets. Some of them even go over the age-old fiery relationship between cats and dogs and keep both species in their homes. You should not be surprised if upon visiting your escorts; you get a fury welcome from three cats and two dogs, all of the different breeds, sizes, and colors.

Caged birds

Keeping caged birds as pets may sound a bit drastic. However, French people enjoy having chirping canaries in their homes. They believe that it is a fair trade of protection and food for lovely chants and unobtrusive companionship. An escort Paris can keep as many as ten such birds to distract her from lonely, rainy days.


French people are naturally eccentric. One of their most out-of-this-world habits is keeping snakes as pets. Albeit most of these snakes are not venomous or poisonous, they still provide a spectacular form of entertainment and admiration for visiting escorts and friends.

Exotic Fish

Caring for an aquarium full of exotic fish may seem like the easiest way of keeping pets in your home. Contrary to this general misconception, keeping those fish swimming happily and healthily requires a lot of responsibility and patience. Therefore, if your escort Paris is a proud fish keeper, do not underestimate her commitment to them.


If one of your escorts invites you to her home, you should be ready to meet one or more of her pets. Among her furry companions, you might encounter a ferret. This funny, adorable rodent is a favorite pet among French people, and some of them keep entire families of ferrets often providing them with their rooms.